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About Us

Diamen GmbH is a young, fashion-conscious company based in Bondorf, the southernmost city in the Stuttgart region of Germany. Our beautiful bracelets are made right here – in the home of inventive spirit, tradition and state-of-the-art technology. Lovingly handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail, our pieces are designed for stylish trendsetters.  The bracelets combine selected materials, such as precious stones and exotic leather, with gold-plated elements in rose gold or yellow gold. Many pieces also feature elegant CZ diamonds. CZ stands for Cubic Zirconia. These synthetically produced stones are strikingly similar to diamonds in terms of their durability and the way they refract the light. The strings are carefully waxed by hand, to make them more durable and long-wearing. The bracelets are then knotted using a resilient traditional macramé technique. Our modern interpretation of this ancient skill makes for trend-conscious, fashionable bracelets that will stand the test of time.

Our designers cleverly fuse international influences and cultures from across the globe with traditional craftsmanship and top-quality materials. The result: pieces of jewellery that are guaranteed to be the favourite accessory you never want to take off!